::: Detonation Flame Arrestor :::

Detonation flame arrestor has the heat transfer capacity and structural design to withstand all the dynamic conditions of flame propagation and still stop the flame. The detonation flame arrestor is the ultimate flame stopping product and is used when the flame can be in any of the detonation states.

::: Applications :::

Fidicon Detonation Flame Arresters provide protection against flame propagation in piping systems that are manifolded or have long run-up distances. Fidicon design is unique in the ability to provide larger flame channels that allow for less frequent plugging and easier cleaning when service is required—both of which translate to less down time.

FIDICON Detonation Flame Arrestors are bi-directional and proven to stop an ignited flammable vapor mixture approaching from either direction and traveling at subsonic or supersonic velocities. Our patented element offers maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics.

::: Features & Benefits :::

  • Connection: flanged
  • Housing material: carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Size: 1/2" to 16"
  • Special material and protective coatings available.
  • Detonation flame arrestors are designed for unstable detonations.
  • Removable element design allows for easy inspection, cleaning and replacement.
  • It also provide maximum flow, less pressure drop, easy cleaning, less clogging, less maintenance.

::: Material of Construction :::

Aluminium, Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS, Hastelloy.

::: Approval :::

Portotype testing as CMRI standard.