::: Float and Board Type Level Indicator :::

Float C.S./S.S.304/S.S.316 PP/PVC/
Teflon lined
Housing Alluminium / PP etc..
Wire housing C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316 PP/PVC/Teflon/Nylon

Alluminium / PP/ Nylon/ S.S. 316 / PTFE/Glass

Our level indicators are the very basic tank level measuring instrument used by process palnts, OEMS etc world over. Our Level Indicators are made in strict accordance as per standard connections and CC distance give by our clients with easy mounting arrangement made for easy installation and direct use.

::: Features :::

Manufacturer & Supplier of Float type level indicator & Board type level indicator in Gujarat, India.

Float type level indicator & Board type level indicator Suitable for measurement of liquid level in over ground /over head storage tanks. Usually consists of float, dust proof pulley housing, pointer craddle with nylon & 150 mm wide alluminium scale with screen printed marking.